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ارسم جزء واحد: Nurse Story DOP Android&غش

ارسم جزء واحد: Nurse Story DOP Android&غش

Welcome to the naughty clinicwhere you help a pretty nurse solve tricky situations by DRAWING. This brain-out puzzle game will blow your mind with challenging and funny content! Use your creativity to understand each story and complete it.

What are the nurse and the doctor doing behind closed curtains? What’s hiding in the girl’s bathroom? Prepare to draw and laugh out loud 🤣

👉 Use your finger to draw the missing object in each scenario.
👉 Feel free to think outside the box.
👉 Hints are available whenever you need them. Just click the💡button!

Super simple gameplay. You don’t have to draw well to pass levels.
– من السهل اللعب بإصبع واحد فقط.
Unlimited brain-out drawing puzzles for your imagination to run wild.
Beautiful 3D game graphics.

Hesitate no more! Download Draw One Part: Nurse Story DOP to explore right away!

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