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Merge Farmtown – Android&Trucs

Merge Farmtown - Android&Trucs

There is a coastal town on the west side of Istell County. Affected by the temperate maritime climate, it’s spring all the year round here. It’s a livable town with a comfortable climate all the time. The town is currently preparing for the appointment ceremony of the new mayor, and people are full of expectations.
Our female mayor will bring the townsfolk together to build the town!

A steward who can remember every citizenshouse number;
A sheriff who looks fierce but warm inside;
A pastry chef who sweetened the whole town;
An aunt tailor who got a polished thimble;
And many lovely townsfolk are waiting for you to meet.

Característiques del joc:

⭐Your town, you plan! Arrossegueu, organize and merge all the town items as well as buildings the way you want.
⭐Merge enough items to know more townsfolk and to visit their homes,and collect their stories too.
⭐Hundreds of items in the game, arrossegar, drop and merge them freely! Complete your favorites and fill up your unique town!
⭐Every day there are different treasures waiting for you to be discovered, the mysterious magic will help you expand your town!
⭐Participate in special events! Complete unique combination challenges to win special theme rewards and surprises.

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