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Zoo Restaurant: Animal Chef – اندروید&تقلب ها

Zoo Restaurant: Animal Chef - اندروید&تقلب ها

Cook and serve delicious meals to hungry pets! Manage your own restaurant and become the master chef of the pets! If you like cooking games you will love Zoo Restaurant: Animal Chef where all the cooksadventures begin!

Zoo Restaurant: Animal Chef is a restaurant game that combines the management of a kitchen’s simulator with funny mechanics of serving delicious meals to hungry animals with cuisines from all over the world!

You will face great challenges while renovating a restaurant inside a jungle, building a cute bistro in the city, or buying new tables for your favorite beach restaurant.

Prepare all types of cuisines and serve delicious foods and drinks to all kinds of animals, from cute cats and dogs to angry bears and tigers! Don’t let any paw waiting!

A meowgical path will be revealed during this saga adventure! Cook and serve, and enjoy the flavor of victory!

Discover new restaurants in the jungle, شهر, کوه ها, the beach & بیشتر!
Prepare delicious meals like سوشی, burgers, salads, pizzas, پاستا, or deliver candies and beverages!
Earn paw money while managing your business and create a paw empire!
Explore different cuisines like ژاپنی, Mexican, تایلندی, Arab, ایتالیایی, چینی ها, و خیلی بیشتر!
Serve foods to گربه ها, سگ ها, llamas, tigers, foxes, turtles, زرافه ها, bears, میمون ها, and wild animals!
Lots of fun levels to play in a huge saga adventure.

Manage tables and don’t let the pets down!

Have a problem? Want to suggest a cool new feature? Send your feedback to Pixodust Games. We love to hear from our players!

Be sure to check for updates. We’re always working on ways of improving gameplay and adding new features!

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