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Hide ‘N Seek: Horror Playtime Android&בגידות

Hide 'N Seek: Horror Playtime Android&בגידות

Hide ‘N Seek: Horror Playtime is an addictive and fun hide and seek game that everybody loves. If you are the hider, run and hide, try not to stumble and remember, לא להיתפס. If you are the seeker, find them and hunt them down. Level up and customize your 3D character as Wugy from Popi playtime or your favorite bear from Five nights. Let’s have fun!

Hide ‘N Seek: Horror Playtime is not just a normal hide and seek game. You need to be smart, be sneaky, be brave and be creative to win all the level because the more you play, the more interesting and harder it will get. Be ready!

Choose your role as Seeker or Hider, then drag to move
If you are the hider: Run and hide as long as you can. Save your friends.
If you are the seeker: Seek them all as fast as possible, time is running up!!

Beautiful and unique 3D visuals
– קל לשחק באצבע אחת בלבד: Seek them all. Hide yourself!
– שני מצבי משחק: הסתר או חפש
– אין סוף רמות עם הרבה כיף
– כֵּיף, מרגיע וממכר

Are you the hider or the seeker? Let’s see how many levels can you pass. לְנַסוֹת Hide ‘N Seek: Horror Playtime עַכשָׁיו!

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