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ब्रेन टेस्ट: Nurse Story Puzzle Android&Cheats

ब्रेन टेस्ट: Nurse Story Puzzle Android&Cheats

Are you tired of following the rules?
Are you longing for fresh ideas, and unique insights?
You’re in the right place

Solving these fun and easy puzzles to define how brainy you are. Get a fresh start!!! You’ve never expected how creative, logical you can be in these funniest quizzes.

Playing is EASY!
Identify the missing element. You can rub, erase, draw one part, etc to crack the riddles and become a clue hunting detective.

Hundreds of funny puzzle levels
Tricky and Mind-Blowing Brain Test: Be prepared to be fooled!
Vivid game effects and interesting sound
Evaluates your logical thinking ability, सजगता, शुद्धता, memory, and creativity
Great time pass with riddle games.

आप किस का इंतजार कर रहे हैं? Download the game, turn on your logic, we need to be running at the max to excel!

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