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Yellow Baby: Run For Life Android&Cheats

Yellow Baby: Run For Life Android&Cheats

Take your deep breath and run as fast as you can cuz your Yellow Evil is behind you

New challenge is waiting for you

में Yellow Baby: Run For Life , you will be in the role of babysitter who takes care of him in White Rabbit House for three days. But strange things happen frequently, you find a lot of scary messages on the wall as warnings. And you know that now is the time for you to escape from here


खेल सुविधा✨
👉 Numerous challenging map
👉 Attractive in-game items and 3D characters
👉 Variety of thrilling gameplay
👉 Experience Scary Playtime with amazing sound and art

✔️Swipe to run
✔️Collect items that he needs and make him feel satisfied
✔️Do make him feel angry or you will be eaten

Are you ready to run and escape until you run out of your breath or you will die in Yellow Baby: Run For Life

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