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Fairy Tale High – Android&Csalások

Fairy Tale High - Android&Csalások

Are you Upperclass? Or full of Sass?

This dress up game lets you create infinite girl characters, hoping for their own happily ever after. High school can be tough, but they’re up to the challenge!

Play stylist to your avatar doll as you customize each part of her look. Mix and match bangs, pull-back styles and long hair to create unique cuts. Infuse up to three different colors into her natural or magical hairstyle!

Put together your own fashionable outfit, even designing your own FABRIC! Customize and layer skirts to your heart’s content. This game even let’s you mix and match to design your own shoes! Lace with satin and gold embroidery? You got it! Sweet Lolita dress elements or a Japanese kimono? That’s there too!

Take a walk on the wild side with animal items that can create nekos, angels, fairies and more! Choose cat-eyes, tails and ears to create adorable cat girls! There’s wolf ears and fluffy tails for the canine lovers, mouse and bunny earsantlers and elf ears! You can even use the 6 panels of robust, custom-color drag and drop items to make your creation truly unique.

At the end awaits a happy surprise: you can keep adding infinite characters to a scene (or at least, as many as your phone’s speed can handle). Once you’re done dressing up, shrink, flip or drag your characters to arrange them in a scene. Choose from immersive backdrops that each have their own magical back-lighting effects. I’m sure you will create something that looks right out of a real tv show!

I hope you enjoy this dress up game 🙂


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