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Kerajinan Bayi: Ayo Sembunyikan & Cari Android&menipu

Kerajinan Bayi: Let's Hide & Cari Android&menipu

Welcome back to Chapter 2: No way out

You will be a student who is curious about everything related to haunts and monsters. Your next challenge is to come to horror playground in the town and discover what is going on here

Take a deep breath and be scared

Di dalam Kerajinan Bayi: Ayo Sembunyikan & Seek , You can play the role of seeker to catch the unfortunate victim or go hide and survive in time-limited missions. Be careful and try to avoid bumping into others and getting stuck in the corner, Mommy will squeeze you to death in the challenges.

Hold and drag to move
Get coins and items to buy power
Run fast and don’t get smashed if you’re the Imposter
Run fast and smash, if you’re Wugy, Bear Fedy, Mommy Long Legs, bayi kuning, dll

Easy and addictive gameplay, control with only one finger
Several roles with impressive skins and skills
Awesome graphics
Countless challenges, countless fun
Play online and offline

Let’s come and escape from Kerajinan Bayi: Ayo Sembunyikan & Seek


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