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Sameina Master – Fusion War Android&Svindlari

Sameina Master - Fusion War Android&Svindlari

Munt þú taka þátt í Fusion War? Sameina, bardagi, og skora á sjálfan þig að verða stjórnandi samrunastríðsins.

Einn af framúrskarandi rauntíma herkænskuleikjum er Merge Master – Samrunastríð.

Verkefni þitt er einfalt: summon dinosaurs on the battlefield to fight the enemies using your tactics. Battle dragons, skrímsli, and other dinosaurs. The monstersassault and defense become stronger as the level rises. You must fuse your troops into a giant monster as fast as possible if you truly want to win!
Attack the enemy’s strongholds and own the arena.

Use your strategies and tactics to win the battle and move to the next level.
Unlock more new powerful dinosaurs.
Grow your dinosaurs and warriors from simple soldiers and velociraptors to terrific monsters when you merge them. Draw the proper combination with your finger to evolve your monsters.

Aðeins 1% of players finish the game and unlock all of the creatures. Are you ready to take on this challenge?

Merge your troops to grow your powers.
Grow into a colossal and terrifying monster.
Make decisions quickly, otherwise, the other big creatures will crush you.
Merge as quickly as possible, and fight all the enemies.
Become the most powerful and dreadful creature and conquer the battlefield.

– Frítt að spila
Fun and addictive gameplay
– Auðveldar stýringar
Friendly display
Suitable for all ages, genders
Various dinosaurs, skrímsli, warriors to merge