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Idle Pet Shelter – 기계적 인조 인간&요령

Idle Pet Shelter - 기계적 인조 인간&요령

Welcome to Idle Pet Sheltera game, where you can run a pet shelter, help cats and find them a new family!

Become a manager of a shelter, making the cat’s life better with each upgrade!

Start running a small shelter in an abandoned building and grow it into a cat paradise! Improve every item, build new rooms, unlock new cat treats!

Manage your cat needs and also the needs of the team of volunteers working with you to help cats! Customize rooms, unlock new licenses and technologies, prioritize tasks to help you with your improvement strategy.

Add new rooms and types of activities for cats! Build new playgrounds or yoga zones and buy more objects for your cats to interact with.
Once done in one sheltermove on to the next onesome of the volunteers will join you on your journey to help more cats.

You’ll be responsible for all the cats you adopt! 그들에게 먹이를 주세요, 그들과 놀아라, find them a place to sleep, a cup to drop from the table, a robot cleaner to ride on… Thankfully, you have volunteers to clean out the mess!

Motivate your volunteers team and help them be better at what they do! Follow their storyline and find out more about the team you’re working with.

Play Idle Pet Shelter now if you enjoy management and idle games! Help cats, improve your shelter, and find out more about your volunteers in this cute and casual idler!

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