Current File : /home/zpdhuabzdn/domains/ Готовим в прямом эфире – ресторан игра андроид&Читы – Чит-коды для Android

Готовим в прямом эфире – ресторан игра андроид&Читы

Готовим в прямом эфире - ресторан игра андроид&Читы

Hello everyone! My name is Jane and I need your help! I travel around the world and create a blog about local restaurants and cuisine. And I see that big corporations press talented local cooks and their restaurants! Let’s take matters into our own hands and give them back their zest for life!

Are you into cooking games and designing games? Then welcome to Cooking Live! Feel like a star Chef in the world of crazy cooking!

Будь осторожен! This game is total cooking madness! Tasty fried eggs, juicy burgers, great pizzaYou’ll never be bored with this recipe selection. Make food to feel your cooking fever! But making food isn’t everything. You also have to handle a serious cooking craze when an influx of customers arrives! Complete an order for a customer in time before they leave the restaurant!

Every restaurant and diner dash around the world could use the help of an interior designer! Hone your skills in the world of design and make bold choices from your options for furniture and style. You can change your selection at any time.

As you develop your business, you’ll face an increased number of customers. Modernize your kitchen equipment, complete orders in time, and amaze customers with even more tasty dishes!

Features of Cooking Live:
Classic restaurant games and time management games gameplay.
Hundreds of fun levels for all tastes: you need to cook great pizza, juicy burgers, and lots more!
Travel around the world looking for new interesting cafes and blog content.
Interior design. A wide range of furniture and decor means you can make every restaurant one of a kind.
Interesting, lively characters with their own personalities and stories.
A unique plot. Create a blog, challenge opponents to a cook-off, immerse yourself in thrilling cooking stories, and help your friends and subscribers all over the world bring taste back to their lives!

Cooking Live combines elements of business games about restoring and developing the restaurant and food games. Progress through the plot step by step and unlock new themed cafe shops and beautiful locations. Whether it’s a pizzeria, bakery, or diner dash, every chef has their own unique taste and their own recipes and stories. Learn them all — join the game right now! Show off your cooking fever and help save every cozy diner dash from the hands of soulless corporations!

You can find the answers to many questions in the FAQ, or by contacting our in-game support team. The FAQ is available here:

Reach out to us regarding any questions or suggestions you have. We read all messages!

Subscribe to our social media pages to stay up to date on the latest news and to get useful tips for the game:

Искренне, the Matryoshka Games team 💜

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