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Статуэтка Искусство – Android&Читы

Статуэтка Искусство - Android&Читы

Можете ли вы запустить полную мастерскую фигурок?

Paint your Figurines.
Use various colours, текстуры, узоры… Раскрасьте их по своему желанию и сделайте свой собственный дизайн!

Run your idle workshop.
Fill your Store with all your finished Figurines and raise money to open the next Figurines, new plinths/colours/textures/

Assemble your Figurines
First things first: each step starts with putting your disassembled Figurine together!

Take the pose!
Set your Figurine into an iconic pose and pick the best plinth to make it look p-e-r-f-e-c-t!

Do you feel Creative today?
Welcome to Figurine Art!

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