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Fill The Store: Restock – 安卓&秘籍

Fill The Store: Restock - 安卓&秘籍

Imagine you own a grocery store, which sells a great variety of food, 飲料, and even superhero toys. Amazing! And your store has a lot of customers that the shelves need to be restocked regularly. Now it’s time restock and fill the store, boss!
All you need to do is filling up the shelves using different items like groceries, beverages, cakes, milk, toys,… and try to fit them all in, AS NEAT AS POSSIBLE. The neater you place and organize your shelves, the more satisfying you’ll feel when you look at them. 而且當然, the customers will like to buy more from a perfectly organized store, you’ll earn more money to buy exclusive items for your store!
We have a pro tip for you, boss! Empty your item baskets one by one, and try to find the perfect spots to place the items and fill the fridge, restock the store to serve your customers!
Fill The Store is a hypercasual simulating sorting game and a puzzle game with satisfying gameplay! Fridge organizing, store restock requires great carefulness but the result is so worth it!

Challenging levels of store filling & fridge organization
Restock and earn money like a real boss
Satisfying, anti-stress gameplay
Smooth ASMR experience with delicate sound and haptic
Huge variety of items and shelves
Bonus levels with premium shelves
Stunning 3D graphic

Sounds fun? 你在等什麼, just play now! Ready to restock the shelves and fill the store in the coolest fridge organizing, sorting puzzle game!

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